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Physics for the IB diploma Study and revision guide John Allum,

Physics for the IB diploma Study and revision guide John Allum,

This Study and Revision Guide has the following characteristics: 1. The content is in the same order as the official IB Physics syllabus wherever possible. All the ‘Understandings’ and ‘Applications and skills’ in the syllabus have been used among the headings. All equations and data in the IB Physics Data booklet have been highlighted (in bold green font) in the guide. 2. Essential knowledge has been included as Key Concepts (mostly) on the right hand side of the pages. 3. All other important items for revision have been included as bullet points. 4. Also included are Common mistakes and Expert tips (helpful knowledge on the ‘edge’ of the syllabus, that may not be essential in a first revision). 5. When scientific terms have been introduced, they have been stressed in bold orange font and are included in a glossary, which is in the online resources. 6. This guide contains a large number of questions within the revision material. These are designed to be a straightforward check of understanding of the concepts covered. Detailed answers are included in the online resources. 7. Preparing for the IB Physics Diploma examination has been included as an appendix in the online resources. 8. All revision material for the Options is to be found online.

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