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Introducing Hinduism  A Graphic Guide

Introducing Hinduism A Graphic Guide

What is Hinduism? Hinduism, one is tempted to say, can be anything to anyone. Hindus themselves are fond of describing Hinduism as a way of life rather than as a religion. No one has any idea whether Hinduism accepts converts to its religion. Hare Krishnas, the most visible sign of Hinduism’s spread to the West, emphatically declare that they do not view themselves as Hindus. The word “Hindu” itself is not of Indian origin, and Hindus did not describe themselves as such until the 18th century. Yet, Hinduism’s adherents characterize it as the world’s oldest faith.

Author: Vinay Lal & Borin Van Loon

Pages: 234

Issue By: Gyan Publication

Published: 2 years ago

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