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Nature Guide Snakes

Nature Guide Snakes

From tiny frogs in the rainforest to huge saltwater crocodiles, Nature Guide: Snakes and Other Reptiles and Amphibians profiles all the world’s species, including the tuatara – a species so ancient that it is distinct from all other lizards and reptiles still living on our planet. This guide is packed full of stunning images that reveal the intricate details and unique characteristics of each creature. Every animal has its own profile with fascinating information about its habitat and breeding, feeding, and other behaviors. Find out more about reptiles and amphibians – how they are classified, how they defend and attack, and how they are being endangered and protected. This wonderfully illustrated and detailed guide examines some of the most misunderstood and intriguing creatures on our planet. A perfect reference for anyone wishing to learn more about reptiles and amphibians.

Author: DK Publishing

Pages: 354

Issue By: eBook 707

Published: 2 years ago

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