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If you are a book lover then we provide you these digital features which will help you to find your favorite content and provide you reading facility. You can read a lot of magazine newspapers, novels, book articles and other interesting stories with the convenience of our online library .

Online Digital Library

Free launching Give your magazine business a new startup. Please join us immediately and allow your content to appear on so that we can better reach this digital edition of you. We appreciate your criticisms.

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If you want to recive your fresh publication ads through our front banner or slider,then follow the instruction given. Make your business grough faster and successed in it. For which there is no need to upload a separate content page, after through analysis by the administrator , the advertisement will be automaticaly ensured.

School Admin

It is true that technology is developing very fast,during which now books and magazines are also going to be digital in nature. Do not worry about maintaining books and restoring them. According to the time, students have to issue books and not worry about withdrawing. Do not suppress the troubles of all those users who wish to read the same book at the same time. Join us and make your school library smart and provide a better future for your students..

Admin control aLibrary
Admin Control

Now gain full control over your admin dashboard, you can activate or block your users' IDs at any time and sell books purchased by publishers to users themselves, whose functions will only be digital. This process is completely stress free and you have complete control over your things. Your things cannot be seen through any unauthorized person and upon entering any particular angel action, permission of Honor is mandatory.

If you want to join us, then you go into detail about our online library facilities.

upload pdf , create library, digital library ebook

Create Library

Upload your PDF content on our cloud storage and build your digital Library will only be used by your users memory will be determined by you.

create stack of books ,create stack of pdf.

Create Stacks

It will be very easy for teachers to use this system to prepare a stack of major books , through which you can put many books together as a folder.

book sell , book purchase , digital library book sell , digital library book purchase.

Sell & Purchase

Now it has become easier for your students to find the right books that you can find yourself and buy and sell to your students. Available special discount.

registered student and school.

Create ID

It is very easy to create your student's random ID by an administrator, which does not require students' email but can be controlled automatically.

activity , digital activity , library activity.


Now you can provide beautiful GIF banner like multimedia JPEG or PNG format. Others can issue information for festivals such as holidays and can be easily scheduled.

search publication , e publication , digital publication.

Search Publication

There are various types of publications available on our portal, which you can go to everyone's gallery as per your requirement and reach your results.

book demo request to publications

Demo Request

If you prefer publication to the discovered gallery, a demo request may be sent by you so that you decide to use that book in the future.

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Now you can visit more than one library at once and you can make your own stack which Makes your experience even better.

Educational 83%
Innovative 60%
Ambitious 92%
Activity 75%
Employment 25%
Analysis skill 57%
Content search 85%
Study skill 90%
Mobile view

Orientation of your content view will meet with our app in such a way so that you can enjoy your magazine view realistically and use its best tools.

Page Orientation Page Orientation

Annotation Annotation

Flexible Reading Flexible Reading

effortless management Effortless managment

Night mode & color mode Night mode & color mode

QR search for books QR search for books

Mobile view , mobile book

Library now at your fingertips. We should never forget that a new era has started in which when we talked about books, their composition is now changing which has been given an electronic form which made reading even easier .


Join us and make your business online and get better facilities so that the future business can improve..

annual certification , school certifiction , alibrary certification  digital ceritification

Annual Certification

Our company certifies you to start these digital facilities online and for which you provide annual certificate facility.

drm security , book drm , digital drm security .

DRM Security

Facilities like digital rights management are suitable to protect your issue and prevent it from getting stolen.

online book sell , online pdf sell

Online Sell

Now you can sell your digital contents directly online without interruption and earn more profits.

school search, digital school , alibrary school

Search School

Now you can visit many schools and colleges online and provide a secure demo of your content.

digital publisher , alibrary publisher, publisher

Technology development is making our life easier, which we should respect. Many of the youth of our country are unable to fulfill the aspirations of the library to get education in which our tough library system comes in, digital library is the only means in which you can publish your pdf and reach millions of people in a moment So that users can save precious time.

QR search

Easily upload your brochure or magazine and share the uploaded issue QR code with the public to further increase your business. Completely helpful in searching uploads made on our server.

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scan qr for login , scan to read books , scan digital book , scan alibrary books , digital library ebook
Admin Control
stop duplicate book uploadind

Unauthorized documents or any issue that impedes education policies, such content is categorized by our admin control so that the content is not used by the students.

Immediately stop duplicate copy of content uploaded by the publisher when it is uploaded by another user.

If the control to prevent the uploaded content from publishing the title, category or any other missing issue.


Join us and make your business online and get better facilities so that the future business can improve..

alibrary team management
Digital publicaion


As such, we attach special importance to digital publishing. if a user demands a difficult book publication, it is our special responsibility to submit it according to our own rules, under which schools and many colleges can also share it with us.

digital marketing


If you have a mature marketing skill, then you can contribute towards making this digital sale marketing with our company and enjoy the Incredible Package given by the company.

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We need people who are particularly interested in library science and want to give them a new twist, then join us and brighten alibrary's name with our works. You can take distributorship if you want.

digital graphic design , alibrary graphic desingn


If you are an amazing designer and can showcase our digital content through your skills, you can join us immediately. The whole world is waiting for your creative design.

alibrary writters , digital content writters


Writer is the heritage of our India, which has left a different mark in our country over the years, all those writers are still highly respected in our country and we want to add one more.

achieve goals , alibrary goals , digital library ebook
achieve goals , alibrary goals , digital library ebook
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Alibrary strategy , alibrary marketing , alibrary analysis, alibrary innovations , digital innovations
Alibrary strategy , alibrary marketing , alibrary analysis, alibrary innovations , digital innovations
Alibrary strategy , alibrary marketing , alibrary analysis, alibrary innovations , digital innovations
Alibrary statatics , alibrary read credits , alibrary users
Alibrary statatics , alibrary read credits , alibrary users
Alibrary statatics , alibrary read credits , alibrary users
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