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We want to give birth to an innovation in the world of education in our country. Hope to progress. Our company started in 2018. Our goal is to make education completely paperless so that education is easy for you. While providing this facility, we all faced many difficulties. All our students of this portal will get a good chance of libraries for which they do not have to go anywhere. You can easily access this portal with your User ID password.

Example Free book, prime book, pay book.


On this portal created by Alibrary , publishers and online retailers have been given a golden opportunity for a great e-book business.

Book Publisher:

You can also subscription or direct sale your books with features like DRM protection. Which will give them a good profit.


Facilities like franchises, as determined by Alibrary , are available to them. So that all users with e-wallet have no problem. For such users, a digital retailer has been provided by Alibrary , which will be present in your local area, whose full details can be obtained from Alibrary's landing page. (Search retailer by area pin code)

Books Donor

The user does not allow the sale of books like charitable prime and free categories. Therefore, such books give the authority to read all the key members.

Donor books made by users are selected by the Faculty of the category Alibrary Assistance.

Supporting for our portal, Like prime and free


Alibrary Innovation is a platform that gives a new purpose to your life so that you can do some magic. To fulfill this dream of you, Helph and his team are working with full responsibility. Half wants you to take out your great thinking that is like a dream in your heart and mind, and with full enthusement, let us tell the world that you have a unique thought. And he is going to come forward in front of the whole world. We will talk about something without which we are all incomplete is a great digital library that is full of your interesting stuff. I am sure you will find your favorite things here.


Alibrary wants to give a right turn to all those innovative ideas, so that our country's unemployment-like illness can be removed forever, and we all together make our country's name higher. Whoever has Innovative GREAT Ideas on any topic, Alibrary will be their rightful destination and will showcase every type of innovative and experimental event that they will be responsible for. And as a right manager, they will provide a better platform. We do not want our environment to be spoiled and in the coming decade, we have nothing left, like pure water to drink, Pfresh Oxygen to stay healthy and electricity to be used in daily life which is very important. According to the data, the highest West of all India is copy, books and newspapers, hard coves, tickets, posters etc. It is very hard to calculate which India is able to recycle only 20%. All the cycles are connected to each other, such as cutting too many trees to prepare new paper which is very tragic. Which affects the wild life around us, our environment is completely affected due to the absence of wild trees around us, such as changing the weather, fresh oxygen, wildlife on the trees, drying rain, etc. Save the peper and save the tree like a Save environment and now join Alibrary Digital Library.